Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm at the airport at 5:30 am. What the ---- am I doing here this early? Why did I book a flight that required me to be here before the birds even wake up to sing? Oh, I remember. I'm flying to a time zone 3 hours ahead and I gotta get there by the time the Oscars begin telecasting. I can't miss the Oscars! I love the cinema. Oy! The things we do for our art. What am I, dense?! I'm now 36 years old. My favorite hobby at this age is sleep. I'm sacrificing sleep to get to Pennsylvania by 6:30 in order to watch celebrities wearing $500,000 gowns. 'Course now that I think about it, sometimes that makes it worth watching. ;)

So I'm on the airport shuttle this morning (4:15 am) and this driver starts talking to me about how his wife is 36 and is reaching (not past, not getting there, but reaching) her 'peak' in the bedroom. He admitted to begging for "just five minutes to catch my breath." wife has a few years before she reaches 36. Am I going to be in the fortunate category of having to beg for five minutes in order to catch my breath? I certainly hope it happens soon. with my luck I just know she'll reach the time when sex every day is a good average, and I'll be, "oy, Honey, I was just going to go play some golf,", or "the yard needs weeding." Ya know, I'll be 40 and sex is no longer a lifestyle, like it is now. It's a luxury that one does like on vacation or something. God's little tricks on men and women.