Thursday, March 09, 2006

I love rollercoasters!

Someone mentioned that she just has to see a rollercoaster on TV and her stomach does flips. I love rollercoasters! Recently I ventured to Disneyland in December. Got to ride the new Space Mountain. (New to me since I hadn't visited Disneyland in about 20 years.) That was a trip. If you've never ridden Space Mountain, it first takes you up a steep incline to the top of the enclosed arena, then you drop and spin to the sound would I describe it, Beach Boy music. It was a jammin' beat like "Wipe Out" from the 60's. The 'coaster twists & turns in near complete blackness. Weeeeeeeee!!!!!

The ride is over way too soon, and if you're up for waiting in line another 45 to 75 minutes, do it again!

The Matterhorn is the most visible and famous 'coaster at D'Land. They have streamlined the waiting process and I never waited more than 20 minutes to get on board. One can ride past the Abominable Snowman again and again!

Of course, I took my 4-yr old to D'Land so I was fortunate to ride Dumbo about 5 times. But hey, I'm getting my young-un all geared up to enjoy rollercoasters when she's older. Disneyland, we'll be back!