Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Enjoy That Mocha…It Could Be Your Last

I’m dyin’ here. African cocoa workers have gone on strike. WHAT!!!!???? If you don’t think that means much then you need to catch up on my addiction.

How does a strike in Africa affect us? It means that mocha you hold in your hot little hand will soon become a hot commodity. It means I must stock up on my precious M&M’s before they become as precious as jewels. The Ivory coast cocoa farmers are hoarding all their beans until they can pull a higher price for their crops. First that means 40% of the worlds cocoa beans are being stored in the barn of some impoverished farmer with a name like Koffi Kokoa, thus reducing the global supply of the base ingredient for chocolate. Those of you who are familiar with macro economics 101 will micro-instantly realize that short-supply and high-demand means we chocoholics will soon be paying higher prices for our fix! And read between the lines…they want higher prices for their beans! So when a strike is eventually settled we’ll STILL be paying a higher price for mocha lattes.

Either way, I’m stocking up on my Christmas fudge and chocolate Easter bunnies. And I advise my blogger friends who love their Cadbury Mini Eggs to begin buying low now and make a tidy profit by selling high next Spring. That is, unless one Brilliant Blogger eats them all by then.

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