Friday, December 14, 2007

The Plaids Have Left the Building

I ought not to be forsaking my blogging duties, especially right in the middle of a show. That’s when all the best and juicy performance topics come up. Plaid Tidings closed last Sunday afternoon with a rousing standing “O” from all the blue hairs, even with canes & walkers. Matinee audiences are an interesting lot of people. The parking lot is always full of busses, mini-busses, Segway Scooters, etc. from local “senior oasis communities”, but God bless ‘em, they’re there for every production and are always consistent supporters of the performing arts. So receiving their enthusiastic applause is always a nice thing.

Biggest Flub of the show? Let’s see, there was one point when I almost fell off the stage while “dancing in the snow”, the stuffed-pooch-through-the-hoop trick fell apart one night when Sparky threw the pooch in a curve ball slider pattern and ended up on the lap of a senior citizen in the first row. Oh, I also forgot my buck teeth for the chipmunk bit and spilled candle wax on my nice white & plaid tuxedo. Other than these our production went without a hitch and the show was a great success.

Next up, Les Miserable will be produced by our local little regional summer theatre. A big production that will no doubt be highly anticipated. I hope to be there!

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