Tuesday, January 08, 2008

CATS - The Opera

This is Narissa the opera cat. She was a stray found over 12 years ago when Portland Opera had its offices downtown. The costume shop adopted her and after not much debate it was agreed that she WOULD stay. Narissa has been queen of the costume shop ever since. She is a lovely feline who basks in affection from everyone, but is much too proud to ask for it. But that doesn't matter. Any time that someone visits the shop for a fitting she gets plenty of attention. I believe her favorite sleeping nest is a quiet corner in the shoe shelves.

I asked her what her favorite opera was. Her answer? "I very much enjoyed The Cunning Little Vixen. Making all the animal costumes was such a joy. I don't think we non-sapiens get near enough stage time."

Alas, Narissa is a wonderful member of the permanent staff, but she's been there as long as I can remember. She's a granny kitty now, but I hope she stays well enough to govern the in's and out's of the costume shop for a long and productive regime.

Long live Queen Narissa.

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