Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Missing Holiday

AAAAACCKK!!!!! (Uh oh...there he goes using 5 exclamation marks again) I'm surrounded by beans!!!!! Figuratively speaking, of course. I'm talking about the boatload of work corporate accountants do at the end of a business's fiscal year. I need a holiday. What? We just had one? You mean I had four days off and I didn't even realize it? Oh, I know why...yes, of course. It RAINED! I became an aforementioned SPB. Rain during a national holiday. Who ordered that!? I didn't even get a chance to golf, or go boating, or do the Memorial Day cookout/BBQ. I feel deprived. But I'm determined to take back my holiday! I'll get you, my pretty! Oh, yes, and your little dog, too!

This weekend I'm golfing!

Evil Baritone has left the building....

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