Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So I'll never be an Astronaut...

...Because I have horrible vision. If I were to wear spectacles (like I did in 8th grade) without any "slimline" or plastic reduction of the lens, just wearing curved glass, it would (and did) look like Coke bottle glasses. Thank God for giving us contact lenses! So I had my annual eye exam yesterday and now that I'm, ahem, increasing in age, I am to be dilated so the Doc can check my retinas. Hmmm...that sounds kinda dirty, so I won't mention that again.

Anyway, the Doc drops some form of anesthetic in your eyes to start with, then puts some kind of yellow gunk that dilates the iris for about 4 or more hours. Man, you never thought that flourescent mall lighting could be so bright! Talk about "seein' the Light"! And have your eyeballs ever felt numb? Will with the anesthetic that exactly what happens. I couldn't focus! Not even on my yummy Subway Italian BMT (toasted of course). Couldn't see what I was eating! So the pic you see here demonstrates the general face of blurry and bright confusion I experienced yesterday. But hey, at least I got good contacts and today I can see the light, at least more clearly.

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