Thursday, April 27, 2006

Secret Indulgence

Ok, I have a confession, a dirty little pleasure if you will. I watch Reality TV. I'll expand on that and say MOST reality TV makes me want to throw rotten vegatables at the ol' Tele. But I find myself curiously captivated by some shows. I've grown fond of American Idol. At first it didn't appeal to me 5 seasons ago. I mean, I'm a professional singer -- NO, I don't have a multi-million dollar recoring contract...yet. But, I'm classically trained, have diciplined technique, and have honed my craft. To watch these pesky teenagers get up and pull off what is really glamourized karaoke made me want to barf my cookies. But then Clay Aiken came along. I'm a baritone. He's a fine, fine baritone and I enjoyed hearing him sing. I was happy that two male singers and not a caterwalling belting teenage chimp made it to the final 2. I've been watching ever since. did I get stuck on this show that I so detested? So now I watch not so much to cheer on my favorite singers, but to hoot at the ones I think should be gone (or should never have made it thus far).

Last night Kelli Pickard was FINALLY thrown off the stage. She was one I think is a real cutie, but should stick to karaoke. I did not feel she should have been afforded a ride to the top 12 much less the top 6. Of those left, I really thought Elliot was misplaced. But after this week's performance my opinion is swaying. He's also a baritone, some pitch problems, a yodel of a vibrato, but he sang with good soul this week. I predict, and you heard it here first, that Katherine McPhee is the next American Idol. Whew! And a hottie brunette to boot! Just my type. Go Katherine!

Ok, so most Reality TV I could just vote off the proverbial island. I was a Survivor fan in the beginning. I watched the first 4 seasons religiously. But then so many others like it came along like Big Brother, and even more recently, Unanimous. I cannot stand to watch a group of people bitch bitch bitch and be catty, degradingand downright inhuman to each other. It definitely turned me off to my beloved Survivor. It's turned into not really who is the true survivor, but who can yank everyone's chain just the right way to get to the end and try to be the lesser of two evils that get peer votes. I've seen Navy SEALS voted off within a few weeks because he was an obvious threat of winning the grand prize. Duh! I think it should be played more like a survival where the games are not for immunity, but the last place finisher goes home. The strongest and best survivors will win.

I have grown into a Donal Trump fan. The Apprentice is now one I try to catch each week. I like that there is competitiveness, creativity, but the backstabbing and blood smearing is prominent. Why, just this week one contestant said "there will be blood smeared in the boardroom!" I mean, can't we all just get along? The show is not about working together, it's about tearing down one's competition and saving face, not matter how badly their own performance. I think the Don should have them do less of creating a marketing plan or promoting a new product, and get these schmucks to try and do real executive work, like solving a big accounting problem in the books, or trying to hire a good employee out of 200 shotty resumes.

Ok! Ok! Enough ranting about Reality TV. I gotta go practice for my American Idol audition.

You think I'm kidding...

The Evil Baritone has left the building...

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