Friday, April 07, 2006

My Radio Station Divorced Me

Why do we all love the music from our past? Is it because it makes us reminiscent of the good times in our youth? I hear radio stations changing formats constantlyh, and not the ones playing the "Top 40 of Today!". No, the other stations vying for a piece of the radio pie go from, "The Best Hits of the 80's, and More!", to "Favorite Songs of the 60's and 70's!", then to "The Best Rock Hits of the 80's", and even to "We Play Everything!"

No, really. Check out the link ...

Thought I was kidding?

The unfortunate thing is, once I've found a station that I dig and plays music from my growing up generation, it changes overnight to some derivitive that doesn't appeal to me any more! It takes time to get comfortable with a new station. One has to settle into a format and accept that you like, oh, maybe 70% of the songs played, and 0% of the commercials. But then you get comfortable and "WHAM!" change happens and I become neurotic again in search of a new favorite radio spot. It's as if my wife were to say, "I'm sorry, I'm done with sharing all the interests I have with you. I'm now going to be interested in collecting fungus and shaving my head."

Stations play listener comments like, "Oh, I've finally found you, my one true love of a radio station! Only you understand me!" Or, "I've listened to them all, but you take the cake. I'm a fan for life." Then the station pulls the ol' switcheroo and then what happens to their loyal customer base? I'm not sure it's wise to keep changing formats so frequently. Maybe that's why the top 40 stations have a much longer half-life. They play the same song over and over, until the next big song comes along, then play that one over and over. People seem to like that.