Thursday, May 11, 2006

True American Idol Cast Out

Wha...!? How can Chris be gone? I guess I sort of believe that the same American that votes Bush into the White House TWICE would vote off the best singer on American Idol. Chris was the best...THE BEST! Again, read my previous post on how disappointed I am in most all Reality TV shows. I knew it about AI when it first appeared, and after last night I am cemented in the fact that these "game shows" do not pick the best winners. Carrie Underwood? Puh-lease! Ruben? C'mon...Clay was the best and proves it everyday still. America, you will see Chris on the scene post-Idol, much like Clay. He has great talent, stage presence, likability, and he can Rock! So long, Chris, for now. I'll be the first to buy your CD...

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