Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Work is crazy. Tell me again, why do we choose to subject ourselves to the wishes of “The Man”, aka the corporate mobster? Because that’s what “The Man” really is. He’s an entity that is out to make a truckload of money, pay no or as little tax as possible, and in order to do this he has to destroy the competition. Nothin’ personal, it’s just business. So, we’re all workin’ for Louigi, like it or not. Ken Lay, anyone? Point made. I rest my case.

So “The Man” has decided to sell our company to a consortium who will…let’s see if I get this right…”infuse tremendous capital that will put us in a better position to make investments to accelerate our future growth.” (As opposed to, say, retro growth?) Ok, so “The Man” is making his aforesaid truckload of money, our pay will remain the same and our job will remain stable (that is, until further consolidation cuts them). Meantime, we lowly bean counters have been uber-busy accounting for all the beans in the kettle, and making sure those beans don’t go anywhere for the next month. That means we’re closing our fiscal year once in May, and again in June. Oy! How is one supposed to update one's blog when there are so many beans to count?

Again, does anyone have an answer to the question on the floor?

Ah, found the answer is on my coffee cup: “Because I need the money.” Oh, yeah. If only my Evil Baritone plans to control the world were complete I’d make sure change happens. I know, I’ll continue to work on those plans while I’m counting “The Man’s” beans today. Hmmm…that sounded dirty. I don’t think I’ll ever count a man’s beans again as long as I live.

Instead, I think I'll make myself into a Simpson's character & go have a beer...

You, too, can be a Simpson character. Just go to:


Ok, now GET TO WORK!

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