Friday, September 15, 2006

Lift your RAZR high, Sweeney...

Sweeney Todd opens tonight. Now, ask me if I have a razor for which to do my evil barber deeds. Go ahead, ask. What's that? Do I have a razor? The honest and true answer is...NO! So I have decided to simply use modern technology and Sweeney Todd will be lifting his RAZR and I guess talking his customers to death.

To provide you with a gem of insight, to what the Demon Barber will be using, picture a Stanley angle ruler. Now attach a simple handle to it using a wing nut and screw. Paint it silver. Now, duct tape (yes duct tape) a small Elmer's Glue bottle containing minty scented blood, and...Voila! Insta prop!

If only I'd known that this ever important prop, which should practically be on the list of characters for this show, (and should be precast as well!) was not considered a priority when I signed on to do Sweeney, I would have begged, borrowed and even rented one months ago from a reputable theater that had the guts to make a real special FX razor prop that spilled blood onto its victims.

Meantime, I will muster all the professionalism and stage tricks I know to hide the fact that my razor is a ruler. This show is about the drama and it is about the music. I will serve them well and scare the bejeebles outta the audience. Well, at least the first row. Beware, or you'll get Elmer's Glue on ya! Break Legs, Y'all!

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Blogger OperaDaddy said ... (September 15, 2006 8:07 PM) : 

Trying to shave with a ruler sounds plenty scary to me. Talk about razor burn.

In bocca al lupo!



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