Friday, July 28, 2006

Women's clothes

So recently I've been dressing in drag. No, not to satisfy some wierd cross dressing fantasy, nor on a regular basis. It's my duty. Yes, duty I say. My latest theatre show requires a man to fill many roles, including that of a beer frau and Carmen Miranda. If you haven't seen the review read here...

Sisters of Swing

I have a new respect for women and the clothes they wear. Underneath it all is a shoulder strap for a microphone transmitter pack. It's much like a bra, and I find that every 10 freekin seconds I'm adjusting the damn strap! How do you women put up with it? Take it off, I say! Be free!

Second, do you women have no modesty? I wear a sheer dress with a split in the front up to my...well yeah, there. I feel so exposed. We men love it when you do wear revealing dresses, oh yes we do! But Geesh! One has to be pretty bold to feel comfortable wearing such garments.

And lastly, shoes. What the f()%#? You women amaze me. I was first to wear 3 inch platform shoes with 7 inch heel. Holy cow! Luckily they didn't fit and they decided to slip me into what I learned is a pair of mules. Now I understand how women favor pumps. They have a heel strap. Mules, however, are open heeled and are VERY difficult just to balance. Especially a man who's never worn heels before. And just try dancing in them! I think the Oregonian reviewer was thinking of me when he mentioned the funny man in drag.

Womens' clothes. Oy! I've never been so excited just to wear my tighty whities, a pair of jeans, and comfortable sneakers! Believe me, you'll never catch me around the men-in-drag anonymous meetings.

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