Monday, June 05, 2006

Change Your Password

Does anyone else loathe this notification at work? I mean, geesh! It takes me half a day just to come up with a new password due to all the restrictions on creating one. For instance...

*Passwords must be at least 10 characters (how many people know 10 letter words?)
*You cannot use any previous passwords. (Merde!)
*You must change your password whenever we tell you which could be anywhere between 1 and 90 days.
*Your password must contain at least 4 letters, 2 numbers and 1 "character". (you mean &@!_(#@$!! could be a password?)
*Your password must be us English characters. (Merde again! I was hoping to use my Chinese name symbol)
*Your password must not have any profanity. (Merde...I mean, aw shucks)
*Passwords should not be written down. (wha...? You mean I have to memorize this funny lookin' word?)
*We know the names of your wife, your children, and your dog. Don't use thier names in your password.
*And lastly, create a password that is easy to remember. Remember, you may be using this password for the next 90 days. (Sure, no problem.)

Easy, no? Ok, so I've come up with sort of a solution. The old saying goes, "people can't see what's right in front of them." So I use names and model numbers of my desk equipment. My trusty Casio 10-key calc? Perfect name. Has letters, numbers and characters. Cool! My enemies who try to log onto my computer will be trying the names of my wife & children, and the actual password will be right in front of them. Muahahahaha!!!!!

Ok, let's hope my enemies don't read my blog.

Evil Baritone Out...

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Blogger Scout said ... (June 05, 2006 12:49 PM) : 

Heh. You don't perchance to work for Multnomah County, do you? I just went through this same thing the other day. I ended up adding an s to my previous password.


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