Friday, July 07, 2006


I feel like Rip Van Winkle. Just waking up now after a month has flashed by. Fiscal year books are closed, vacations are done, fireworks are over, now I can get on with my normal life...slurping coffee and sitting on my duff figuring out other peoples' bills.

Actually I'm very happy to have had 2 weddings for which I was contracted to be videographer in June. The 2 weddings were a definite contrast in style, and budget! One was a 10 minute ceremony where the couple and their 20-something friends just wanted to get on with the drinking and partying. After all the adults went home (I say that as if they needed chaparones...well some of 'em did) and 3 kegs later I captured hours of dancing to the latest rap/hip hop (oy my achin' ears!). They had a delightful time flipping off the camera and reveling in bedlam.

By contrast, a week later a lovely couple from the swanky side of town had a splendid traditional Catholic wedding, and WOW! what a reception! A full sit down catered meal for over 300 guests at the largest most opulent ballroom in town to which the couple arrived in a Bentley. Nice! Very classy. Also, when asked to join the dance floor after the first dances, EVERYONE joined the dance floor. Ages 5 to 95 were out there for 3 hours dancing to a nice mix of music (thank you Mr. DJ for no hip hop!). By evening end at nearly midnight, about 100 of the mixed-age guests were still dancing chatting and having a great time. I can't wait to get started editing that video.

If ever my daughter wants to get married and I have about $50,000 to spend, I know now how to treat her to the best classy day she'll never forget, complete with videographer!

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