Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lick your popcorn

It's a simple pleasure from childhood. Ya know, when you take a bag of theater popcorn and dip your tongue to catch a kernel? Especially when the bag is really full and the popcorn is spilling over, and you have a HUGE soda in the other hand and you're trying to find a seat, what choice do you have? Ya gotta catch those kernels or lose 'em! Yes, I like to eat my popcorn with my tongue.

I remember as a kid I would pretend I was a lizard and shoot my tongue in the popcorn like I was catching a fly. 'Course, back then I didn't have to share my popcorn. Now I have to share with my wife. And as good of aim as I have, sometimes the popcorn sticks to the tongue, but falls back into the bag. This happens particularly when the bag is half empty and I have to stick my face into the bag to reach the low level of popcorn. Well, it drops back into the fray and gets a little soggy, sure. And yesterday we were at the cinema watching Jonny Depp act like a pirate and she found a few soggy kernels and asked me if I would PLEASE stop using my tongue to eat our popcorn. So after I stuck my tongue at her (very mature, Bob), I promised never to eat popcorn with my tongue again...exept when she leaves to use the restroom. Hey, what she can't see can't hurt her, right?

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