Monday, September 11, 2006

My Promiscuous Seahorse

I have an official published photo on an online mag. Check out and scroll down to the article entitled: “Female Seahorses Cheat”. Who knew when I took the photo of these sprightly little Hippocampi that perhaps they were at that very moment engaging in an extra-monogamous tryst. Notice how their tails are curled in ecstasy as if they have just completed a passionate and yet inappropriate consummation…in full frontal view of thousands of Mandalay Bay visitors! C’mon guys! Get a coral reef or an anemone for cryin’ out loud! I’m not sure how I feel about publishing seahorse porn on the internet.

Interesting, though, that it’s the female seahorse now thought to be the cheaters, while the males stay faithful to one partner. AND the males carry the eggs of their offspring. I'm sure my male readers will agree that if our women get wind of this article they will stand together to do some research and find the seahorse gene that’ll keep their mates in one place, do all the housework, and raise the kids, all while they're out having a promiscuous time at
Thunder From Down Under. Guys, lets prevent this travesty! Write your congressperson (notice the neutral gender, ladies) and urge him/her to veto any legislation that promotes gene harvesting from male seahorses!

Disclaimer for the ladies: This blog opinion is satire and is not meant to promote male promiscuity nor the keeping of women at home to take care of the bambinos while said males are scamming on the chicks. Please save your heinous comments and enjoy the pic. :)

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