Sunday, April 06, 2008

You mean people actually read this crap?

I've been informed by certain power panty wearing blogger(s) that I haven't updated my personal blog in a while, and, under incontrovertible and irrefutable bodily harm I had, "better GODDAMN WRITE SOMETHING OR ELSE I'M COMING TO PORTLAND AND SUPERGLUEING YOUR FINGERTIPS TO THE KEYBOARD!" First, let me thank my limited and mostly likely disillusioned reader(s) for stopping by to check on me now and then. I am alive. I am breathing. And no, I have not been trotted off to jail for triggering a mass killing spree. (yet)

I admit, I have for the last three or so months lifted an upturned nose at my keyboard as I saunter past thinking, "no one reads the crap I write." Coupled with a dose of lonely bachelor depression, and a corpulent and zaftig blue collar operatic daily schedule causing much exertion on my hoary bohemian body (not to mention the delicate voce), I have neglected my writing duties.

In fact, I was quite thrilled and gratified to be singing full time and not have to count the proverbial beans for "The Man", at least for a partial year. Resultantly, I was away from my humble abode for about six of the last twelve weeks, touring the wide expanse of Oregon and SW Washington. That seemed a good enough excuse to avoid posting details of my vapid life, at least through my eyes.

Now my contract of over. I'm home again. Permanently. Jobless. Now I have nothing else to keep me occupied so you're stuck with my pointless drivel and inconsequential scribble.


By the way...anyone need a good Bean Counter?

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Comments on "You mean people actually read this crap?"


Blogger Penny Karma said ... (April 07, 2008 6:26 AM) : 

Thank God I checked this! I was at a motel in Reno on my way to come kick your ass, and lucky for you, I turned myself around and went back home.

Picked up the 2-disc Collector's Version of Sweeney Todd last week. The bonus features were rather interesting.

You should call... :)


Blogger Evil Baritone said ... (April 07, 2008 9:25 AM) : 

There's a 2-disc version?!? Those bastards at Hollywood Video only rented me one!

I know what I'm asking Santa for Christmas....


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