Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Curtain Closes

An opera season has ended.

I remember fondly the gala opening
where all were decked in swanky formal evening wear
sipping champagne and raising their flutes to a successful season.
Bright, fragrant summer flowers decorated tables
and food was plentiful.
Everyone reveled in the excitement and joy
of the music yet to be heard.
Toasts abounded.
All sang in harmonic chorus.
The season began and all watched
as act after act of passion, desire, affection, joy,
misery, suffering and wrath
were displayed behind the proscenium for all to view.
Voices rose above the sweeping mello cellos and soulful clarinets.
The intensity of tempos urged more from each singer,
rising to a crescendoing climax
that verged on the edge of each performer’s ability,
testing their range, their sostenuto, and their stamina.
Finally, scene after scene,
Act after act,
Performance after performance,
The drama has played out,
And the orchestra dies with a sad cadence in d minor.
The curtain closes
The opera is finished.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Opera - The Backstage Story

The fun times never end backstage during tech week. And humor must be in high demand to aid our poor, weary souls and bodies through the trials (literally) of tech staging rehearsals.

I bring you now, some of the quote gathered in one evening, overheard in the men’s wardrobe room:

“Those ARE my feet that stink. COOL!”
~ after removing his soiled ADIDAS

“Hey! That’s not my sword!”
~ by the prop table

“Why is yours bigger than mine?”
“Because I have a large mellon.”
~ comparing tricorne hats

“He’s got a big instrument.”
~ complimenting the Speaker’s voice

“Actually, truth be told, I have THREE balls. But just one is in the sack.”
~ Chorister bragging of his bowling prowess.

Chorister #1: “It's amazing how six inches can make such a difference.”
Chorister #2: "Yes, in all espects of life."
~ During a staging adjustment of 'six inches to the left'.

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