Monday, September 10, 2007

Evil Baritone is alive and well and living in Paris

...I wish.

One outta three ain't bad. I'm alive, but not exactly well and certainly not living in Paris. Going through one of those life changes that has put my dear ol' blog lower on the priority. I should be blogging daily about our spectacular production of Carmen featuring the hotty hotness of Jossie Perez! But alas, I have much on my mind and a hundred million things to do.

But I SHALL return. Soon. And add greatness and spice to the reading. For now I shall leave you with a few choice search engine keywords that have recently landed on my modest little sight.


Need for baritones in opera - Of course! Whom else would the Mezzo go home with?
hunky baritone - Why, thangyoo...thangyoo verymush!
Evil opera songs - I suggest the Lakme flower duet or perhaps "sull'aria" from Figaro
how to clean a baritone - Lots of soap. And don't forget the valve oil between the toes!
inventor of knickers - Yes, I was me. I wear them daily.
baritone karaoke suggestions - "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and "Like a Virgin" are my favs.
merde again - You can say that, uh, again.
baritones practicing - Ok, you gotta see this. Hilarious! (but strangely accurate)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Goodbye, Pav 1935-2007

Au revoir and farewell to the last true opera legend. I listened to his graceful yet powerful voice with awe and inspiration. Were it not for Pavarotti I would not be singing opera today. Addio.