Monday, November 10, 2008

I Will Survive

It seems just when I thought that no human being who has even a smidge of common sense would read this blog, and even after ignoring this outpost dutifully for weeks at a time while I struggle through life's challenges, there are still dozens of hits for the Evil Baritone Blog each week from all around the world.

That's right. Last week I had visitors from Canada, England, Austria, Estonia, Spain, Germany, Portugal, and of course plenty from here in the states from New York, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Seattle, Memphis, Georgia, California, Texas, Virginia, Mississippi, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, and Rhode Island.

First I'd like to thank the first time visitors who stop by here from a search engine pull for keyword searches like, "hang on sloopy", "women cross dressers", "Papageno Red Bull", "Ricola mystery cougher", "female baritones", and my favorite, "hunky baritones". You'll see that this blog does indeed have a wide variety of subjects, and I'm not ashamed to write about my own cross dressing (for stage work only -- don't get any ideas!)

Secondly, for those of you who return to the blog, why do you keep coming back? I know I have failed to keep you posted and I appreciate those loyal readers who look for new posts week after week. So I thank you.

The truth is the Evil Baritone has not had much happiness to write about for a while. 2008 has been a tough row to hoe, as the old farmer's saying goes. Divorce was finalized. Self esteem is low. Friends are scarce. Dates are scarcer. And after 20 years of having no trouble getting employment and promotions, I now am entering seven months with a lack of work.

So I chose not to post my sob stories over most of this year. Do use dragging everyone down. But I see that people expect the adventures of a real, living evil baritone, even if it is one who cross dresses for his art. So I will resolve to keep up this blog for your sake.

Meantime, if you've scrolled down this far, enjoy this: