Sunday, February 03, 2008

Too Many Stories...Too Little Time

Ever have the opposite of writer's block? You'd think with as much as I'm ignoring the poor bloggy-poo I'm having absolutely nothing to write about. Quite the contrary.

Working a full time touring opera with seven other performers giving up to three shows a day for children 5 to 18 gives blog fodder a-plenty. Ah, but it's that other part I mentioned -- up to three shows a day. Whew! Not to mention that the portable set for La Boheme must be unloaded and set up, struck and packed again...sometimes twice a day! The door and frame seen in the pic above must weigh upwards of 250 pounds requiring four burly opera singers (??) to lift and move it. Seems I've left my quiet comfortable bean counting white collar desk job for a heavy lifting blue collar, bruise infested, shin crushing, toe flattening job. And I love it!

Tomorrow our troup drives to the scenic Eastern Oregon country. Likely there will be no high-speed Wi-Fi. No cable. No hot running water. In fact, I think they still ride horses into town to purchase supplies to fix their wagon wheels.

But I'll try to save up the stories & tell them one at a time when I get back. That is, if I can avoid getting mauled by the wild grizzly bears.

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